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Candidate Page

***CPA Public Accounting Auditor-NON Big 4 (5 years minimum exp)
***CPA Public Accounting Tax Senior or Manager-NON Big 4
***Financial Planning and Forecasting Analyst in Mississippi willing to relocate

***indicates HOT JOB-filling position quickly

Email Jason at, Jessie at or
Brian at your resume, cover letter, and a brief statement about your career goals.  This is your opportunity to let us know more about  you!!

Consultants:  (Bachelor's degree at a minimum is required)
~IT Consultants
​~Accounting Consultants

We always need qualified candidates for:
~CPA's for Tax and Audit
~Computer Test Engineers-hardware & software
~Engineers - Mechanical, Electrical & Civil  (PE certification required)
​~IT Project Managers

DID YOU KNOW?  We will pay a $250 referral fee on select positions to anyone who refers us and we make a placement once the hired candidate begins employment!!  (Please ask for details)

Committed to helping our clients achieve success
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Power of 1, LLC is a national/local search consulting  organization. PO1 does not post any job descriptions or any client names for confidential reasons; however, positions listed above are ones that we are actively seeking candidates for at this time. Please email your resume today!